Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's Something Wonderful Underfoot

Once I started hiking with a camera, first with a small point-and-click and later with my Nikon 3100, my pace began to drop dramatically. No longer do I find myself at the front of the group. Now I am more towards the back, and lately acting as sweeper. The camera is not solely to blame for my declining athleticism. I do not run as often as I used to and hiking with a camera makes it far too easy to stop (especially going up a hill) and look for the next shot. As a result I am not pushing myself the way I once did.  I can still catch up with the group after pausing to take a picture, so I am not that far gone. 

Even when I can hiker faster again I think I will still go slow. I do not want to miss seeing all that the woods has to offer; underfoot.


  1. I would get left behind! Beautiful sights!

  2. Ladies, we could hike and photograph together, at our own pace! ~~ Jenny