Thursday, December 29, 2011

Benched Out

The Childrens' Garden at the Cincinnati Public Library
I am not sure why, but I seem to be drawn to benches. It is always a good idea to have a focal point or something to ground an image when you take a photograph.

Benches are an invitation for us to sit, rest, enjoy the moment- the view-song of the birds- a good conversation or the simplicity of just being for a few moments.

Benches have stories. Each person that sat on a bench leaves a trace of themselves behind- perhaps an energy. At a crowded bus stop the bench is energy mixed with exhaustion. At a park it is quiet thoughts, romantic meetings, sleepy moms and reflective older gentlemen.
Eden Park on a quiet path near the Art Museum and Playhouse in the Park.

Ault Park- I have photographed these benches many a time.

See! Another photo of those Ault Park benches.

Memorial bench at Spring Grove Cemetery

Bainbridge Island, Washington


  1. From the Cincinnati Enquirer: No longer is anyone allowed to lie down on a Cincinnati park bench, park ledge and in some cases the ground in any of the city’s roughly 5,000 acres of park land, according to a new rule approved by the Cincinnati Park Board.


  2. Good grief!!!! Now I will lie down when I am at Ault Park, with a book. I can see not sleeping overnight, or camping out for a few day; but one thing that is a great way to relax is to take a snooze on sunny park bench on a Sunday afternoon.... Jenny