Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Discovering Downtown- Enjoy the Journey

One of the joys of living in a large city or town, such as Cincinnati is finding new streets, neighborhoods and buildings to explore. I was walking around downtown the other day, just doing a bit of sightseeing, when I was drawn inside this building. It wasn't this sign, that I only noticed when I left, that drew me in, but rather the architectural details and an inviting entryway.


A slightly more elegant way to travel. I would think beginning one's journey in such a train station would be as exciting as the journey and destination itself. When traveling was more of an art, not just a way to get someplace as quickly as possible.
Enjoy the journey!

Floor tile

Detail of the railing to the lower level.

The workers were hanging large wreaths and the Christmas lights were being installed when I was there. I can only image how stunning this must look at night with the gold accents, arched ceiling and polished floors with bronze tiles illuminated by Christmas lights.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful building, Jenny. I have not been in there for years. It would certainly be worth a re-visit during the Christmas holidays.