Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blues Cat

I am not very artistic but I am proud of the work I drew when completing this assignment. I wanted to give it a "jazz" theme so i added some music notes to the image as well. I had trouble trying to decide where I wanted to place the cat on the logo. This is what I ended up going with. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Day in the Life of Kelsey

For whatever reason, my Macbook Air does not have iMovie and would not allow me to download it. I tried next to use Premiere Pro from my Creative Cloud and could not seem to figure it out even after watching many youtube videos. I then resorted to using VoiceThread. I was familiar with this website because we had used it in my Digital Photography course. Though I couldn't have transitions, I still tried to make it unique and work with what I had. I am satisfied with my short clip and hope you are as well! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Top 3 Cards

The top three cards I would purchase would be:

1. ***AnnMarie Timbrook- I really enjoyed her card a lot because her artwork is so amazing and impressive! I also really like the phrase she thought up to put in the card! Terrific job!
2. Melody- I really like the time and effort put into this card. I also like that it was funny. (And true) Great job!
3. ***Jonathan- I really liked this card. He does such a good job designing anything. I love Christmas so this card really got my attention!
4. Whitney- I like the design she created on the front of this card. And the phrase inside was well thought out. I would flip it over to the other side of the page but I know she was planning to do that anyway, so great job!
5. ***Brandon- I really like this card because Christmas is my favorite season. I am also very impressed by his artwork on the front of the card. He did a really good job!
6. Aaron- I love the Christmas tree on the front of the card! And adding "D&E" to the Christmas ornaments was very clever! The only thing I would change would be the yellow on the card. Other than that, great job!


This is my card I created for class. My would always say this to me growing up. I always thought the phrase was funny. So when we were given this assignment I thought it would be funny to make a birthday card out of it. I'm not sure if I like my card or not though. I don't know if the phrase may too offensive for some people. I like the color scheme I gave it though, along with the crown I made. I also find it pretty neat to see my personal logo on my work! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fellow Blogs

Melody- I really enjoyed her logo. I like the way she put the records in the photo! That gave it a great "older" theme. I enjoyed the font as well. I liked that it almost appeared handwritten.

JP- I like how he put in a cadillac in his logo. The flames are also very cool to add more meaning. I think he should make the font bigger and fill in the large red space.

Brandon- I like the way he made a crest for the logo and made it his own. Putting the backside of a cadillac was a good idea as well. I think he should make the font more enhanced in some way.

Molly- I really like the fact she put an entire cadillac in her logo. I think she should change her font to something else and try a different color.

Whitney- I like the simplicity of this logo. The blue stroke gives it a nice touch. The font is also a good font for this type of logo. I like it the way it is!

Jonathan- I love this logo! The way he placed "C D" in the logo to represent Cadillac Daddy is so awesome and clever! I wouldn't change anything about this logo honestly!

Annie- I like that she drew her own design completely. It's very unique to her. I would add some color though to the logo. Also fix some of the spacing with the letters. But i really like the idea behind the logo!

Rin- I like the layout of this blog. I like the color of the font she used. However, I would place the font across the car instead of the way she has it placed now.

MIT App Inventor

     MIT App Inventor was an interesting experience for me. Unfortunately my emulator was not working on my laptop so I worked with another student throughout the process. Until App Inventor, I had never created an app before. It was all very new to me. At first I was frustrated because my emulator was not working so I fell behind in class and wasn't able to complete it on my own. Once I started working with another student I was able to really experience the program and follow along with the tutorial. Creating an app involves a lot of coding, but it's not the coding I was used to. I liked the coding in App Inventor much better than your standard coding techniques. I thought it made it easier to figure out and complete. I would like to try out more things in the program later on to see what else there is to create!